Hot Chip, at the Highline Ballroom


After an hour and a half of waiting desperately in the static line and just seconds before we completely gave up ready to leave in angst, the organizers of the free Hot Chip show let us in. We were frostbitten by then. Hot Chip is a British Electro-pop band that recently released their new album One Life Stand. The show was sponsored by the myspace “secret show” and yes it was a secret to all but those with access to internet. So was it worth risking pneumonia? perhaps. I got a free poster, and pack of cool key chains. It was a good performance, although they do not make it to the list of my favorites. Hot Chip, I can attest, sounds better live than digitally. Their electronic sounds are upbeat and inspire movement of the body. My favorite number by them is Ready for the floor Watch them live, is what I would recommend.  
Hot Chip is performing at Terminal 5 on April 22/23



Awesome interplanetary music.. “Oh hey, I’m LIGHTS–a fairly small-sized, Canadian girl who makes intergalactic-electro music. What do I mean by intergalactic? I’m glad you asked. I try to find sounds that seem like they could have been plucked from Saturn’s rings or a meteor belt.” so goes her introduction on her myspace.
great comic book music!!

Electro-pop song stuck in my head

how does it feel to hear your songs on the radio? Annie will tell you..

Born Ruffians

They sound nothing like their name would suggest. This Canadian post-punk indie rock band’s single “Hummingbird” has been featured in an Australian car advertisement. I like their remix with Four Tet (I need a life). Cute.

Camera Head Shark

Probably an addition to the list of bands with crazy names. In spite of that craziness, I find their single Kurbana Novian to have addicting properties. I can’t get enough of the delightful opening piano chords!
Enjoy the Song.

Beautiful and gliding

Listen to Islands (below) by Siberian. It is soothing and tranquil. Given a chance I might check out their show at Monster Island Basement (128 River St @ Metropolitan Ave | Williamsburg, Brooklyn) this Friday (Feb.12th).

Ra Ra Riot

American chamber pop indie band with roots in Syracuse University campus. I love their St. Peters Day Demo. The music video for “Can You Tell” won Best Music Video in the 2009 Finger Lakes Film Festival.
Ra ra riot also recently performed in BAM  the Sounds of Brooklyn festival.