Blue Gold documentary

Well I should be studying for finals but certain procrastinations are pardonable.. such as watching the free screening of “Blue Gold: world water wars” at the zero film festival in Galapagos (Brooklyn). It was the most popular film at the Vancouver film festival last year. The film had so much information packed that I could hardly bat my eyelid while watching. The film takes across the world from crisis in Mexico, Cochabamba water revolt in Bolivia, Kaveri river conflict in India, Kenyan floriculture drying lake Naivasha, and several other interesting less known facts. It seems like Sam Bozzo did thorough research on the topic of water politics and wars for every scene surfaced a relevant topic.
For instance, did you know about cloud seeding in China where silver iodide is blasted into the sky to increase the density of precipitation?Or about the all out riot against water privatization in Bolivia ? Depleting fresh water level in Kenya due to roses?
Overall, the film made its mark. It is highly informative, makes your jaw drop and eyes widen at times. Yet two things though: the documentary is wholly one-sided and leaves one with exaggerated loathing for Veolia and bottled water companies. There is “private is bad” written all over the film.. It gives no practical solution other than a 5min. preaching on digging more holes in the ground for rain water harvesting. Also, the background sound/track was kind of conventional (it’s same set of sounds one would hear in every ‘serious’ documentary film). Or maybe it’s just my music OCD. In any case, this film is much recommended especially if you want to get some quick, concise, views on water politics!


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