Are you a believer?

If you do not believe in Santa Claus, this lecture on Dec 14th at Pete’s might convert you.. If you are already one, you might need better arguing points

“In the Great American Slog towards material  decrepitude, old-age, and finally death, no disillusion looms greater than the discovery that Santa Claus is a fraud.  Indeed, Santa may be seen as the first domino to topple on the way towards Godhead itself.  In this interactive lecture, we will attempt to restore the idea of Santa Claus to those who have suffered it’s loss.  Using historical fact, ontological argument, and inductive reasoning, we will prove the existence of Santa Claus in a passion play for the non-believer.”

ps. pete’s candy store is awesome quaint place with free live music everynight. They also host spelling bee, OCD lecture series (where david byrne appeared) and other random stuff.

Meanwhile, enjoy some feather and folly


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