Gold Panda – Creative theft

This is pretty awesome but what a rip off! Gold Panda just got away with just remixing some Hindustani music.. AND people ogle at this “Goddamn piece of cracked perfection” (to quote a youtube admirer). Meanwhile some talented musician in Rajasthan who actually performed this piece is blissfully unaware.. and would probably never know!

Pitchfork: What’s the source for “Quitters Raga”?

Gold Panda: Can’t say ’cause I’ll get sued. But I’m sure some amazing Brooklyn crate digger will find out exactly what it is and put it on the Internet.

This other video however is SO GREAT. Especially because I am obsessed with archival footage


2 responses to “Gold Panda – Creative theft

  1. The Divine Truth

    Finally something not related to finance or math? 😛 – Adeeb

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