Blood feuds part II – while we’re at it..

we might as well learn more.
Below are two links about the Balkan Blood feuds, especially those triggered by Kanun in Albania. I did not learn about its severity until now..
Here’s an interesting paper on Kanun link
and this is a BBC article
I found it peculiar that feuding families hire professional killers to fulfill their vendettas. Kanun (of Lek Dukagjin) is the centuries old law in Albania that amongst other things allows for legal killing of an offender. The victim’s family is in turn permitted to exterminate any male from the rival family, and what follows is a vicious circle of killings. By hiring professionals to do the ‘job’, one is stripping away the supposed dignity that Kanun was designed to restore and it ceases to be the practice of idealistic law of centuries past.. This speaks of a peevish ‘sub-culture’ – which for petty personal reasons exploits the traditional law – emerging from the ancient institution of honor killing that first of all has no place in modern world. With hiring goons kanun assault would be no more ‘honorable’ than what the Italian mafia does. Oh well, cultures evolve.. or should I say degenerate?


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