Defining Genocide in Ukranian context

Much contention surrounds the issue of Ukrainian man-made famine around 1930s resulting from the soviet requisition of grains as a Stalinist policy. The breadbasket of Soviet Union quickly turned into a mass cemetery of nearly 3-7million people (official records are not open to public). Today several countries around the world recognize it as genocide upon Ukraine’s plea, but Russia does not follow suit.

“The Holodomor, which means death inflicted by hunger, can be considered one of the most successful genocidal policies pursued by Stalin and the Soviet leadership.. Aside from achieving Stalin’s genocidal goals, the Holodomor also helped achieve some of his modernization ambitions.” there’s more to read here

Russia does not call it genocide because it was not a famine that was targeted on ethnic lines, i.e. targeting Ukrainians due to their nationality, but in accordance of ‘state policy’ which is collectivization.
How do you officially define genocide?
Wikipedia defines Genocide – deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.

The above definition shines light on certain less popular views-
“Alexander Solzhenitsyn..opined..that Holodomor was no different from the Russian famine of 1921 as both were caused by the ruthless robbery of peasants by Bolshevik grain procurements..The writer cautions that the genocidal claim has its chances to be accepted by the West due to the general western ignorance of Russian and Ukrainian history.”
“..the Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine, Zina Kalay-Klaitman, stated that Israel considers only destructions by ethnicity to be genocide. Thus, Israel could not recognize Holodomor as genocide.” He follows to state that Isreal nevertheless considers Holodmor a great catastrophe to mankind.

Does labeling the event ‘Genocide’ mollify the tragedy of Ukraine? definitely not.. Solzhenitsyn makes an insightful statement in that this catastrophe is a result of state policy – the grain requisition, precedence of state over individual, grand experiment of collectivization that led to epic failure. If this is a genocide, so is the event of death of millions of Russians in former USSR that have been sent to concentration camps during Stalinist regime. Genocide or not, both are devastating and ought to be recognized as extreme milestones of cruelty witnessed by humanity..


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