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This was never meant to be a blog on finance, and I feel guilty for having unintentionally turned it into one. I will get back to the original goal, which is to write about interesting things I read or observe..and not all are finance related (give me break!)

I just completed reading Paul Coelho’s book called Brida. It is yet another fascinating read on how Coelho manages to entwine the pursuit of wisdom with magic and spirituality. Although it’s nothing to surpass his classic, The Alchemist, which I read a very long time ago perhaps in high school or middle school and all I recollect now is the continuous travel of a Shepard who follows his dream of finding treasure, encounters a wise old man/magician/god(?), arrives at an Oasis, etc. This is the origin of the famous and often repeated quote that flows somewhat along the lines of “..if you really desire something and work towards it, the entire universe conspires for you to achieve your goal.” I know that it is a far cry from the actual wording in the book, much contorted and less coherent, but this is what I remember given the thick layer of dust that settled on the recollection of the details from the book. And I am not planning to hit google to find that quote either, too much effort for what purpose other that entertaining myself with writing these posts? All I can say about Brida is that every time I closed the book I felt vaguely free spirited, light headed and idealistic. It’s an enjoyable musing for a dreamer!

My current book affair is with ‘Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy’ – by Joseph Schumpeter. It really isn’t as corny and dense as the title may suggest. I shall update the blog if I find in it any jeweled thought out of the ordinary..


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