Zero was born out of non-sense

Yes! Appalling statement indeed. My previous note berates the Indian system enough about how nonsensical algebraic operations are performed. I call them nonsensical because no one understood the implication of their procedures. To explain further, ancient Indians rarely visualized spaces or curves when they played with numbers. Perhaps my criticism may have been unjust because such mechanical operations benefited the civilization; they stumbled upon zero. zero and negative numbers would have never existed without separation of ‘real’ or geometric shapes from the imaginary or pure algorithms. Indians made calculations that couldn’t make sense in real world. They discovered 2-2 = a void called 0, and expanded the number scale to negative numbers by placing 2-2 between 2-3 and 2-1. So for them, pure and cold logic made place for negative numbers. They could represent numbers which Greeks could not give shapes. For the Greeks, 2-2 or 2-3 couldn’t have existed – you can’t take out 3 acres of land from 2 acres, what could possibly be the shape of it? Such a thought is punishable by Pythagoreans (yeah, apparently pythagoras shoved hipposus offboard into a sea when he brought up the question of zero).

To conclude, Zero was a result of nonsense and nothingness – procedures performed by Indians that never made visual sense.


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