Whose number is it?

The biggest misconception of mathematical history: Numbers we use today are Arabic.

In reality, Arabic numbers came from the Indian system (Devnagiri was it?)!

Bhaskara discovered 1/0 is infinity. He declared that “god was found in infinity”. Nothing can change the value of 1/0 – no matter what you add, subtract, multiply or divide, its value remains intact.

Some trivia: Al-jabr – he’s a Muslim saint who wrote extensively about math. ‘Algebra’ owes its name to him. Muslims reached India during the crusades and were fascinated by their advance in math, so much so that it inspired writings such as those of Al-jabr’s …

Sunya: Sankrit for zero

“The concept Sunya (zero) is a tantric machine. It sits at the root of arithmetic, a number that denotes paradox itself. Zero is the signature and symbol of something that does not exist and yet it could have or would have. Having zero mangoes means having no mangoes at all. And yet, despite the lack of mangoes, you do have something – a signifier of your lack.” (..some random blog that I was perusing. It had had this scary image though..)

Deciphering ‘Decipher’

Sunya —-> Sifr—-> Zephirus—-> Zero

Zephirus ——> Cipher

Zero = no sense (it’s a void)

De-cipher = opposite of cipher/ zero = make-sense

..sorry if I make no sense?


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